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Jackie Rowe Favourite Things Bespoke Memories Posters

Hello! Favourite Things is a small business, run by me, Jackie, from my studio in Lincolnshire. It was founded from an idea to create a home on the wall for all of your favourite interests and memories. All of our prints are lovingly drawn using an iPad and feature intricate illustrated details.

Since a young age, I have loved to create, and my passion has always been for the detail. I can get lost in a world of intricate black and white illustration and these feature heavily in a lot of my design.

I went off to study Graphic Design at Leeds University and, after graduating in 2015, I spent 6 years pursuing my second passion, teaching. In 2019, I had my little boy, and during my maternity leave, I had the urge to pick up the pencil and doodle again. Later the following year, I became unwell and spent much of the next 18 months in bed. Unable to do anything else, I reached for the drawing pad for light relief.

Initially, I wanted to create a thoughtful piece of artwork for my sister and her family as a moving-in present. One day in bed, I wrote down all of the big moments in their life along with their more personal interests and hobbies. I began experimenting with illustrations and decided I needed to create one for my family too! This is how Favourite Things was born.

When I’m not creating new designs, I spend my days with my son and my husband. Every day is an adventure and we love to get outside and explore. In the rare moments I have to myself, I love to go wild swimming or read a good book with a cuppa (or G&T)!

Jackie Rowe with iPad creating Art for Favourite Things Bespoke Memories Posters